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Mid-Semester Break

18th November 2019

At the Beda College in Rome, there are two mid-semester breaks each year of four days each.  It is an excellent opportunity to either spend some time staying in Rome or to see and experience something of Italy itself.  For the last break, which began on 10th November, I returned to Assisi for the second time, staying with the Bridgettine Sisters who provide accommodation and food as part of their apostolate.

November is a great time to visit Assisi: it is quiet and the temperature is cool but not cold.  There are many sights to see in Assisi, the obvious is the Basilica of St. Francis.  The saint’s tomb is there and is a wonderful place to pray in front of.  Another interesting place to visit is the church of St. Damiano which was the first convent of the Order of Saint Clare.  There is a chance to visit the rooms where St. Clare prayed, ate and even the spot where she died.

A trip like this can be prayerful, having a holiday with the Lord and spending time with him as well as relaxing from lectures and the routines of seminary life.  I returned after the break refreshed and ready to carry on with academic and community life.

Adrian Lowe

Seminarian at Pontifical Beda College, Rome